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Page 42 – How Carl Goerch Views the Rockingham Post-Dispatch (cont.)

Isaac Spencer London Sr.

Buck told us his youngest son, Toadface, had just recovered from a case of measles.”

“Stinky Whittaker, of Ellerbe, was in Rockingham Tuesday on a business visit.

“Fatty Sanderlin, of Route 4, came to Rockingham Wednesday and had a tooth pulled. When we saw Fatty. on Main Street, he was still spitting freely.”

If some professor of journalism wanted a horrible ex-ample of what a newspaper should not be, he probably would latch onto, a cony of the Post-Dispatch immediately and display it before his class. In every issue he un-doubtedly would be able to find at least a score of set rules that had been violated or ignored completely. And he un‑

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