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Page 39 – A Tribute from Congressman C. B. Deane

A Tribute from Congressman C. B. Deane

Washington, March 29, 1947

Dear Ike:
One might think this would be a difficult letter to write. Yet it isn’t. Those of us who have been close to you and that fine son, Isaac, knew that he was fighting a losing battle. In a, way we were prepared for the sad news, yet as I read, the telegram first from Agnes, then yours, advising that he had slipped away, I closed the door to my office and sat alone with my thoughts.
Thoughts of’ long ago—when Isaac as a tenderfoot Scout began Scouting. He is the first Boy Scout to go, of that fine group of boys with whom I worked. I thought of Isaac and cacti of the other boys, who have met every test, especially during the recent war. They were represented on practi-cally every field of battle, on the land, on and under the. sea, and in the air. They acquitted themselves like men. Even though many of them are married, I still think of them as boys, my boys, if I may say- so.
Isaac was a true Scout in every respect. He responded to leadership that challenged everyone. His dependability, faithfulness and strict honesty brought great satisfaction to his leader. No task too hard for Isaac. His venture-some spirit and determined purpose brought rapid advance-ment. This spirit carried over into, his school work, on the football hew, and his early entry into the Service of his Country and before he was called.
Yes, he mil be missed, and we sorrow greatly, but know-ing his disposition, his faith, his kindness and goodness, he would urge us to brush away the tears and with that perpetual and friendly smile beckon us as good Scouts to follow the trail he has taken.
His Scoutmaster, and most sincerely

C. B. Deane.

Judge F. Don Phillips, in Germany March 13, 1947, writes:
“Ike was so carefree and cheerful. . . . . a personality that brightened all . . . . . a fine young man of real promise.”

In April, 1947, the 153 students of the tenth grade of Rockingham high school presented to the school a new U. S. Flag, in memory of Isaac Jr. This Flag was duly hoisted to, the top of the flag-pole with exercises at 9:15 a. m. April 18, 1947, the entire school of 815 enrollment, taking part and marching to the circle, led by the school band.
(And, incidentally, I am quite sure Isaac would have Leen truly. proud could he know that his lather on May 8, 1947, was made Chairman the Rockingham School Board—a school to which the boy was so loyal and proud.—ISL).

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