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Page 38 – Isaac Spencer London Jr.

Isaac Spencer London Jr.Isaac Spencer London Jr.

Aug. 5, 1926    Jan. 20 1947

Picture made Jan. 3, 1947, 17 days before he died in
Veterans Hospital at Fayetteville of Acute Hepatitis.

This picture was made at Chapel Hill about Jan. 3, 1947—just 17 days before he died. He had entered the University on Jan. 2nd. Along with the other students, a snap-shot was made of him next day, for his University identification card. The snap-shot was just an inch square. Eresident Frank Graham sent the negative to me in March, 1947, and Smith’s studio developed this large picture from the tiny negative — a pretty good job of it. At the time the picture was made, Isaac was 5.11 feet tall, weight 185 pounds—a fine specimen of young manhood—and just 17 days later Death claimed him.

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