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Page 36 – Cemetary Lots at Eastside

And Memorials of Winnsboro Granite.

The following information about our cemetery lots may be of interest to our present folks, and probably to you who may read this many years hence; again indulging in my propensity for being “factual”.—I. S. L. (June, 1947).

The “LONDON” plot is on the flat area between Old and New Eastside cemeteries, half a mile east of Rockingham. There are two lots each 20×20 feet, making a space 20×40 feet for 16 graves. The Lots are 22 and 23, Block D, recorded in office of Register of Deeds in Book 4, at Page 107. $150, bought from the Town Jan. 21, 1947. The lots are 20 feet east to west, and 40 feet north to south. A 20-foot drive way parallels the 40-foot length.
Isaac Jr. was buried there Jan. 22, 1947. Had his mother, Lena, moved from the Everett little cemetery on LeGrand street, to Eastside beside him on Jan. 29th. On Jan. 31st had O. W. Doster haul compost and dirt and built the lots to height of ten inches, and grass seed sown. There are two small water oaks at the northwest and southwest corners.
On Feb. 17th had Mrs. Anna Lea Harris to set out three Camellias (Japonicas) in the northeast corner and three in the southeast corner—Rose Emery, Jarvis Red and Tri-color.
On April 10, 1947, had Hillside Florists plant Thrift on both graves; and Bermuda grass sown.
On June 8, 1947, Mr. Doster placed 4-inch wide,
depth granite coping around entire lots (really 22 feet by 40 ft).
On March 10th O. W. Doster erected a Memorial for me, of Winnsboro granite. This granite monument is 3 2-3 feet long, 3 feet high, and 8 inches thick. It rests on a base 15 inches across and 5.2 feet long. The monument is plain, with no Carv-ing or do-dads, and in five-inch letters the word


At the head of each grave are granite head-pieces about 8 inches above the ground, reading as follows :

Lena Payne Everett
wife of
Isaac Spencer London
Aug. 10, 1891.       Jan. 9, 1930
Henry Armand London, their son
January 8, 1930

Isaac Spencer London Jr.
son of
Isaac and Lena Everett London
Aug. 5, 1926.    Jan. 20, 1947
U. S. A. Army
244th AAF BU 1,945

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