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Page 30 – Lena Payne Everett London


born August 10, 1891, died January 9, 1930
Married to Isaac S. London Nov. 16, 1915.
She daughter of

William Nash Everett born Dec. 29, 1864, died Feb. 7, 1928, and of Lena Payne born in Norfolk Aug. 8, 1868, died Dec. 28 1940 – and married Dec. 18, 1888. W. N. Everett was Secretary of State from Jan. 16, 1923, until his death Feb, 7, 1928.
W. N. Everett’s father was Capt. William Isaac Everett, born Jan. 8, 1835, died Dec. 17, 1911, and Frances LeGrand born February 8, 1840, died Oct. 3, 1906. W. I. Everett and Frances LeGrand were married July 15, 1863. Capt. W. I. Everett was son of Calyin A. and Ann Ewing Everett; he was graduated from the University as an Engineer; entered the Confederacy in ’61 with the Pee Dee Guards, and was made Regt. Quartermaster. In 1863 he was detached by Gen. Lee to complete the survey and building of the railroad from Navassa to Old Hundred (Wil-mington to Charlotte). He served in the State Senate and was father of good roads in Richmond county.
Mrs. W. N. Everett was daughter of Walter Thweatt Payne born Sept. 26, 1847 in Petersburg, died June 7, 1913; and of Susan Edmonia Minetree born Aug. 8, 1849 in Petersburg, died Nov. 17, 1922-Walter and Susan married in Petersburg Oct. 22, 1867.

Brothers-Sisters of Lena Everett London

The following children born to Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Everett,
parents of Lena Payne Everett London:

William, Nash Everett Jr. born March 9, 1890,
married to Caroline Ashe Lockhart at Wadesboro
Nov. 15, 1916; she born Aug. 12, 1893; they have
two children; and two grandchildren:
W. N. Everett 3rd, born Sept. 1, 1917, married to
Frances Keel Dec. 25, 194’2, and they have two sons
James Lockhart and Henry Keel.
Margaret McLendon (Margie) Everett born July 23, 1928.

Lena Payne Everett, born Aug. 10, 1891
(died Jan. 9, 1930; other data see page 32).

Susie Minetree Everett, born Feb. 22, 1893,
died June 18, 1911, wife of Carl W. Smith.

Frances LeGrand Everett, b 11-17-1894, d 11-3-1904.

Walter Payne Everett, born 3-18-1898, d 2-17-1906.

Dorothy Everett, born Nov. 2, 1899, died May 18, 1901.
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