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Page 28 – Isaac Spencer London


born at Pittsboro December 11, 1885.
Married to Lena Everett Nov. 16, 1915.
(She died Jan. 9, 1930. He married 11 years later
Betty Thomasson on Dec. 20, 1941). HE SON OF
Henry Armand London born March 1, 1846, died Jan. 19, 1918
and Bettie Louise Jackson born April 24, 1853, died July 2, 1930
married June 22, 1875.

H. A. London’s father was Henry Adolphus London born April 9, 1809, died Nov. 27, 1883, and Sally Margaret Lord born March 17, 1814, died Nov. 3, 1857, married Feb. 29, 1832. Henry Adolphus London was son of John London, born Oct. 23, 1747, in England, died March 16, 1816, and who was Erivate Secretary to Governor William Tryon in 1768 and 1769.
Mrs. H. A. London was Bettie Louise Jackson, daughter of Joseph John Jackson born March 22, 1817, died Dec. 7, 1902, and Lucy Jane Worth born July 24, 1828, died Jan. 1, 1909, and married Nov. 27, 1849. Joseph John Jackson was son of Samuel Spencer Jackson, born March 10, 1789, died Dec. 14, 1856, and married March 18, 1813, to Elizabeth Kinchen Alston, born Oct. 19, 1793, and died Nov. 14, 1874. Lucy Jane Worth Jackson was daughter of Governor Jonathan Worth (1865-’68) born Nov. 18, 1802, and. died Sept. 6, 1869, and married Oct. 20, 1824, to Martitia Daniel, born Oct. 21, 1806, died May 4. 1874, daughter of John and Lucy Murphey Daniel. (A sister of Mrs. Henry A. London is Miss Carrie Martitia Jackson born Jan. 19, 1856, and living with my sister Mrs. Fred Jerome (Camelia) at Pittsboro, and now (in 1947) in her 92nd year).
It is interesting to note that three Jackson brothers married three Worth sisters-a triple affair. Joseph John Jackson mar_ ried Lucy Jane Worth ; Samuel Spencer Jackson married Elvira Evelina Worth; Hamilton Calhoun Jackson married Sarah Corinna Worth.
The father of Samuel Spencer Jackson was Isaac Jackson who was born March 10, 1762, died June 13, 1831, and married in June, 1782, to Mary Spencer of Anson county, daughter of Judge Samuel Spencer who died in Anson county in August, 1794, from erysipelas caused by the peck of a turkey gobbler.
And this is where Isaac Spencer London Sr. gets his name-from his maternal great, great grandfather ISAAC Jackson, and his great grandfather Samuel SEENCER Jackson-the combined Isaac and Spencer. But particularly Isaac Spencer London Sr. was named for his mother’s uncle, Dr. Isaac Jackson who was born Dec. 6, 1826, and died at Whiteville September 3, 1910. (the first Isaac Spencer was born Jan. 8, 1678, in East Haddamm, Conn., and died Feb. 10, 1751 married Oct. 2, 1710 Mary Selden). Of interest is that my mother’s grandfather, Samuel Spencer Jackson, was Lay Reader and Vestryman in St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal church at Pittsboro, the contract for which was let Oct. 15, 1831, for $1120.12, and church was dedicated June 9, 1833; he was confirmed by Bishop Ives July 17, 1835; and my father’s father, Henry Adolphus London was Senior Warden, and Lay Reader for this church for many years ; he was con-firmed June 9, 1838.

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