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Page 26 – “The Story of My Life”

(As written by Isaac S. London Jr., in Spring of 1944, aged 17, as a theme in his 11th grade English in Rockingham high school, Miss Kate Finley, principal, his teacher).

Isaac Jr.

Isaac Jr. in football togs fall of 1944. 5.11 Feet, 180 Lbs.

My life has been a happy one. There have been only a few tragic moments in my whole life.
When I was about three years old my Mother died and left my father to look after our family of four. I have two sisters and one brother. Daddy did a won-derful job of it too. No mother could have looked after us any better than my father did. Yes, in my opinion he is a great man.
I can remember several things about my mother. One of the most outstanding of these was one day I did something very bad and she was going to spank me. She got a switch, took me into the bath room and was just about to switch me when something happened and she told me to go on out and play. I have often wondered why she did not go through with her plan. I think it was that she was such a wonderful woman.
I can remember when I was

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