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Page 24 – Sketch of Isaac’s Life (cont.)

Chapel Hill, New Bern, Fayetteville, etc.
During all these weeks he felt pretty good, but was care-ful, with no violent exercise. The night of Dec. 31st he went to the dance at the gym with Bettie and Baxter but stayed only till intermission.
On Jan. 2nd, 1947, he left for Chapel Hill to resume his work at the University-305 Manly Dormitory.
On Jan. 9th he felt ailing, some fever and achey. Next day, Jan. 10th, he had more fever, but took two exams and at 2 :30 that afternoon went to the University Infirmary ; his fever was 103. He had pains in his side. The next afternoon at 4 :15, Dr. Morgan of the In-firmary, phoned me here at Rockingham that Isaac was sick, with fever and some pain. I told Dr. Morgan to send him at once to the VA at Fayette-ville in an ambulance, which he did within an hour. Next day I drove to the hospital. Found Isaac yellow seemingly with a case of yellow jaundice. He was laughing and feelin pretty good. The following Thursday, Jan. 16th, Payne, Bet-tie and I went to see him. He was laughing and joking in bed. Dr. Stands told us that the jaundice ought to be cleared in three weeks, and Isaac could return to Chapel Hill. We left him feeling quite happy that he was getting on so well.
But that was evidently the calm before the storm. For that night he began getting more drowsy, and his hic-cups continued ; only stopped by use of mask and CO2. Next day, Friday, Jan. 17th, the hospital wired me at noon that he was in critical condition. Payne, Bettie and I hurried there (Betty with her classes at school). We found him in more or less of coma. By this time the doctors pronounced he had acute Hepatitis. I remained with him until the end. Saturday, Jan. 18th, Rev. Bridges came for an hour. That morning X-Rays taken but no stones were found in kidneys, or gall-stones. Coma more deep. He knew me after-noon of Jan. 18th. Hic-cups continued. Sunday Betty, Payne, Bettie, Ed Hurst, Wm. Everett came to hospital. Wm. Everett remained with me there. Next day Monday, Jan. 20th, they all returned, and Baxter who had come from Atlanta. At ’2:30 a hemorrhage developed. the toxic condition stegdily en-veloping him. He had no pain. At 7 :20 he died—we in outside his door — nurses Dr. Huth and Orderlies with him. I signed permission for an autopsy for next morning—Pathologist from Ft. Bragg. And we all came home. Isaac was brought to Rockingham late next afternoon, and Walter King brought him to the house at 8:30 p. m. Jan. 21st. The funeral was held next after-noon, Jan. 22nd, with first prayer by Mr. Slaughter at 2 :40, then to Episcopal church, Rev. Ralph Bridges, and then to Eastside. Many flowers. Jan. 29th we had Lena moved from Everett little cemetery to East-side beside Isaac. He and I had talked of this in December. She died Jan. 9, 1930, when he was 31/2 years old. Lot is 20 by 40 feet for all the family later, Feb. 3rd had O. W. Doster build up the lot, 8 to 10 inches above level of ground, with flowers and shrubbery. Lots look nice.

This  ‘n That

Isaac enjoyed all kinds of

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