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Page 18 – Will of Isaac S. London Jr. & Testimony

The following Will of Isaac Jr., was written by him Oct. 29, 1946, and brought by him to me to my office that morning in an unsealed envelope. He had just gotten out of the Veterans hospital Oct. 11th (operation Aug. 29, 1946). The Will is typical of Isaac — so human, so boy-like, so cheerful, so un-afraid, so thoughtful of others (as Carl Goerch expressed it in his “State” of Feb. 8th). Anyway, here it is: exactly like he wrote it.—I. S. L.

Last Will and Testimony
Isaac S. London Jr.

Oct. 29, 1946

To who it may concern,
I, Isaac S. London Jr., in sound mind wish to make this my last will and testimony. Guess I shall die a poor speller as which I lived.
To my father I leave all of my money, insurance, stock, and love. In the event that I out live my beloved father I  would like for my money, insurance and stock to be divided up between Payne London Hurst, Hamlet, N. C., William London, 117 West Edenton, ‘Raleigh, N. C., Bettie London Slaughter, New Bern, N. C. Everything I own shall go to my brother and sisters in the event of my death EXCEPT $100 (one hundred American dollars) which will be given to Aunt Pat our loving cook. In the event of her death the money shall go to my brother and sisters.
‘William Everett London (my brother) will have first pick of my clothes—hope he likes my loud style. Baxter Slaughter and Ed Hurst get next choice. All that they can’t use shall be given to the poor DIRECTLY from us.
It will be so nice to see my mother, grandmother and grandfather again for it has been such a long time since I have seen them. I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me, death for me will be quick and easy.
Daddy, there has never been a father who has looked after a son more lovingly than you. I love you and will wait far you up above.
Maybe my insurance will help!
Isaac S. London Jr.

“Testimony” was the Right Word.

At first glance, one might think Isaac had used the wrong word in his Will. That he intended “Testament” instead of Testimony. Read, this from Atty. Ozmer L. Henry, Lumberton:

“I read little Ike’s “Last Will and Testimony” that appeared

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