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Page 13 – A Word Personal

A Word Personal

(Glimpses in Post-Dispatch Jan. 22, 1947)

For the past week I have been out of the office, and have depended upon the very fine co-operation of my fellow-workers to carry it on.
Many of you readers have been most kind in recalling the sickness of my son Isaac. Well, he is gravely ill again—this item is written at the Veterans hospital at Fayette­ville Sunday afternoon Jan. 19th, 1947.
Briefly, Isaac will be 21 next Aug. 5th. He’ entered the Armed Service Feb. 9, 1945. While in training at Keesler Field, he developed kidney stones. He was being transfer­red to Nebraska air base June 25th, 1945, when Ile came by Rockingham, and on June 26th had a high fever and pains in his side. I carried him to Camp Mackall June 27, 1945. Euremia followed, and on July 6th he was moved to Ft. Bragg. On July 16th Major Howard Mays operated on the left kidney, and removed several stones. Then six weeks later, on Aug. 28th, he operated on the right kidney and removed some stones. This right kidney was found to be a very small, or infantile, kidney. He made fine recovery and was discharged from the Ft. Bragg hospital Oct. 27th, 1945. He entered the University a week later as a Fresh­man.
He enjoyed his studies at Carolina—his main regret being that his kidney operations prevented him trying for the

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