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Page 11 – Isaac Spencer London Jr. Died (cont.) & A Poem on Father’s Day

Major Henry A. London

Major Henry A. London of Pittsboro in War Between the States, 18, in January, 1865; entered C.S.A. Dec. 1864 in Co. I, 32nd reg't. Grandfather of Ike.

liam Everett London of Raleigh, his two sisters Mrs. Ed. W. (Payne) Hurst and Mrs. Baxter (Bettie) Slaughter. And also not only four aunts and an un­cle on his father’s side, but a very devoted aunt on his mother’s side, Mary Louise Wright (Mrs. T. Bernard) and an uncle Billy Everett.
And by three young nephews and 2 nieces—Barbara, Eddie, Everett, Paynie and Baxter.

Isaac was very much attached to these five young nephews and nieces.

Many friends and kindred came from various parts of the State to the funeral of this clean-cut, likeable young fel­low; they all liked him, and, as the Poet said,

“To know him was to love him,
To name him, is
to praise.”

"Aunt" Pat Leak

"Aunt" Pat Leak, who began work in the London home in 1926, and still going strong. About 66 now.

A Poem on Father’s Day.

Isaac Jr. wrote the following “poem” to his daddy for Father’s Day, when he was EIGHT years old :

“Father’s day is here at last,
And it is not such a task
To write a poem to you.

You are a dream,
a dream that came true:
A dream I love more than
any other love too.”

Ritten by Isaac London Jr.

A poem to Isaac London fa­ther of Ritter.

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