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Print Edition of “Pictures” available at

If you’re not satisfied with a free website or PDF of “Pictures and Sketches of My Son”, I’ve made a print edition available at It might be a nice gift for someone in your family that isn’t tech savvy. I’ve made it as inexpensive as possible, as I’m not interested in profiting off of […]

Page Links page updated/ Family page created…

I finally added links to each page of the book on Page Links. I’ve also set up a “Family” page, trying to pull names and birth/death dates from “Pictures and Sketches”. For family members that I have more details on I will set up a biography page for them at some point in the future.

Initiation of project…

I spent yesterday scanning the booklet and beginning to OCR the text, all all of today finishing OCR, extracting photos and headline text I wanted to display as images, setting up the website and putting all the information in to create a solid stable and complete beginning of a website. I keep finding typographical errors […]