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New information on John London and Sir Robert London

From “Ancestral Records and Portraits” (1910):

In 1664 Sir Robert London was knighted by King Charles II, for services to Charles I. His grandson, John London, who died in 1764, married, in 1940, Mary Walliston, who died in 1779.

John London, their son, of Albye, Norfolk County, Eng., born 1747, and died 1816m came to North Carolina about 1767, becoming Privater Secretary to Governor William Tryon 1769, Secretary to the Province, and Clerk of the Crown for New Hanover County, N.C., 1770. He married, 1785, Peggy (Marsden) Chivers.

Their son, John Rutherford London (1786-1832), married, 1813, Sarah Elizabeth, the daughter of John Quince and Elizabeth S. (Bradley) Lord, whose daughter, Mary Bacot, married Samuel J. Person.

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